Questions to Ask


Don't get caught out. Some questions to consider before building...
We've compiled a list of important questions to ask any builder before considering them for the job of building your new home. If you think of any others please get in touch with us.
Draftsmen (new dwelling)

Is drafting & Basix included in Quote?

Raft Slab

What soil type does the footing cover?

Engineers Rates

Is the soil test & Engineering included?, What soil type does the quote cover?

Construction certificate

Is the Development & Construction application included?


How much allowance is included & will it cover your block?

Retaining wall

Does your block require retaining walls & how much will this be?


How many outside taps are included?


What pitch is the roof, are there any eaves?


What is the wall height, is the frame white ant resistant?


Are there enough Power points, lights & Phone points?

Roof tiles (fasia,gutter,downpipes)

If using roof tiles are they cement (cheaper and wears) or terracotta?
Is there any sarcon under tiles?

Roof iron (fasia,gutter,downpipes)

Are there enough Power points, lights & Phone points?


What material, type & have they got obscure glass in wet areas?
Are there screens on windows, are they fire rated if required?

Lintle Bars

Are there lintles & bricks over windows or fibro?


How many coats of paint?

Bricklayer, Labour & Material

How much per/thousand, what mortar colour?

Foot Paths, Patio & Driveway

How many m² is included & what finish?

Garage Doors

Are they panel lift or roller doors is there a remote?


What type and size is the cornice?


Is landscaping included, what garden edging, what type of turf?
What type of mulch, is there watering system?

Fix-out material

What size architrave & skirting, how many shelves?


What type of material & finish?

Window coverings

Are they included?

P.C Items

Are all towel rails, toilet roll holders, soap shelves included? Quality?


Are there 3 coats, how many colours?

Floor Covering

What quality/price allowance & what rooms?

Tiles, lamipanel,water proofing

What height on walls, how much per m²


Type and brand? How many outlets and where are they?

Pest Inspection

How much warranty is there without a 12 month inspection?

Home owners warranty

Are you covered with builders all risk & Home owners warranty insurance?